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Buying Gold and Silver Pieces Since 2009


A few minutes cleaning out your jewelry box can turn into thousands of dollars!

Low overhead translates into higher prices and bigger payouts to our customers.

You will have a bigger payout for your unwanted gold jewelry!

STX pays you more for your Gold & Silver


How can STX Gold pay such high prices?

STX Gold does not have a retail location: STX Gold is located in a small executive office space behind Montgomery Mall in the ISN building. (Plenty of free parking.)

STX Gold does not pay big exorbitant rent: The high cost of rent at the mall or in a big strip center takes money away from your payout .

STX Gold does not have all of the other cost associated with maintaining a big retail space: Because STX Gold has a single person owner/operator, there isn’t a staff of employees which come with salaries and health insurance costs. This means that STX  Gold does not have the high overhead that every retail jewelry store and retail gold buying operation has.

Call 301-318-9788 to book and appointment or use the form to contact us.


Serving the Washington DC metropolitan area since 2009

10411 Motor City Drive
Suite 750
Bethesda MD 20817



Common Questions

Q: What kind of Jewelry should I bring?

A: STX Gold will buy any gold jewelry. Only one earring? We’ll buy it! Broken clasp, missing stones, broken chains – we buy it all.

Q: How do I know if my jewelry is real gold?

A: Many times our customers are unsure if a jewelry item is really gold. Please bring any piece of jewelry and we’ll test it for gold content – and pay you for the value of that gold.

Q: What is the price of gold?

A: The price of gold changes daily – We always use the current spot price of gold to determine the value of your gold items. Click the button at the bottom of the page to see what the price for gold is today!

Q: Do you also buy silver items?

A: YES. We buy all Sterling Silver jewelry, as well as flatware, serving pieces and tea sets. And remember most sterling silver items will tarnish – you do not need to clean them! The value of silver is always determined on the current spot price of silver.

Q: Do you buy Dental gold like crowns and fillings?

A: YES. We buy dental gold and any scrap gold materials..