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Buying Gold and Silver Pieces Since 2009

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 A few minutes cleaning out your jewelry box can turn into thousands of dollars!

STX Gold Buys;

  • gold
  • silver
  • platinum
  • sterling silver flatware, serving pieces, and platters

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How can STX Gold pay such high prices?

  • STX Gold does not have a retail location: STX Gold is located in a small executive office space behind Montgomery Mall in the ISN building. (Plenty of free parking.)
  • STX Gold does not pay big exorbitant rent: The high cost of rent at the mall or in a big strip center takes money away from your payout .
  • STX Gold does not have all of the other cost associated with maintaining a big retail space: Because STX Gold has a single person owner/operator, there isn’t a staff of employees which come with salaries and health insurance costs. This means that STX  Gold does not have the high overhead that every retail jewelry store and retail gold buying operation has.

Low overhead translates into higher prices and bigger payouts to our customers. 

You will have a bigger payout for your unwanted gold jewelry!

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10411 Motor City Drive
Suite 750
Bethesda MD 20817